About Me

Hello everyone, and welcome to site Good Fun 4 Life. I love to travel have fun, and laugh as much as possible. I’ve swum, snorkeled kayaked in bot ocean Atlantic, and the pacific as well as the gulf of Mexico. Traveled to Hawaii to Puerto Rico, Mexico city, as well as many of the united States. Ate as much as I could’ve different cultures, Drank with the best if not tried the rest. Met a lot of interesting people, had fun learning about different cultures, food, drinks, dance, sports, and love.

I would like to pass this knowledge on through my site.

Tell people what to look for in travel, food, drink, and just have fun, and fall in love laughing all the way.


We didn’t have much growing up, but we were taught to have fun with what we had. I was the oldest out of five siblings, grew up in small town in northwest PA. Moved around a lot, and went school to school, got a GED moved on. I just did’I would like stay put for long went to Florida, Virginia, California, Texas, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. I just loved traveling, and I met so many neat people, ate a lot of different foods, learned about different wines, alcohols, just learned about different cultures.



OPEN your eyes to see the world that was created for our enjoyment, and quit being dislodged by work, heavy traffic, and daily frustrations. Love again by being yourself. Live to the fullest, laugh with pleasure.



Travel, exercise, eat, drink, and be merry. Simple things just forgotten by some, but all can relate. How many times do we see on TV two persons or one just enjoying themselves and having a blast. Well we all can, We just need to go and do it.

We say travel like it was meant to go a long way in some cases yes it is, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it’s your backyard, and other’s need to get on a plane, bus or get the keys and get a scooting. When you r at work and you go on vacation, some like to go far others sit at home soaking in the hot tub or pool. Visit a zoo, museum, go clubbing, go to a comedy show, etc;. Quit saying no and go go. that’s what I say.

Exercise helps to have fun and living a better life as well, or at least feeling good about your self by being a little more in shape or motivated. It just means get off of the couch and do something. It doesn’t have to be hard work, but something is better than nothing in a lot of cases. Even if, it means walk to the corner. Some people want to go barbells to the wall, and others walk around the block. Whatever just enjoy doing it, it will build a good appetite for food and fun. Which leads us to eating and drinking.

Food is meant to enjoy so try different types never say never until you tried it. I remember when I was in Hawaii I tried poki. Yes I know if you don’t know what it is it looks like Pico de Gallo. Yes to my surprise when beer took a chip and loaded it with the dip and wow no that’s not it. Confused and my new-found friends laughing at me and my face of what was that. You see Poki is made of raw Ahi Tuna diced ( sushimi grade ) instead of tomatoes. Yes the first one went down side ways. I then kept my composure and went for another pretty soon it was just a normal thing. So yes try and enjoy foods they are fun, and interesting and there are plenty of drinks alcohol and non- alcohol drinks that are just as enjoyable.

I hope you find my page interesting if not a learning experience, find something you like and enjoy. Life is ment to Live love and laugh it really is.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Bad Duck
Founder of Good Fun 4 Life