Day Travel – Ideas – Fun – Cheap

Today we all work hard, and in many cases we work two jobs. How do we travel we have to take time off both jobs cordinate, and no work no money. Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have; or in this case the time that you have. Traveling does not always mean pack you rbags we are heading to Jamacia, or Mexico, Hawaii, or some grand place; although it would be sweet. We need to be creative and come up with some ideas that would be fun, cheap as not to hurt the pocket. Ihave an idea let’s check out day travel, which means we do something close by fun, and cheap.

Travel Close

Things to look for well how far to travel usually if you do a day travel you do not want to travel more than two to four hours. We did say day travel. Find places that would be nice and close for a cozy drive not too exuberant, remeber you work alot you don’t want this to be tiring. Traveling close depending where you live can be as simple as getting bike to as complex as a Island hopper, or ferry. It really depends where you live, what is around you,and how far your comfortable to go. Day travel is really fun and adventurious as you want to make it. Set a perimater and really go from that. What i mean is egt am

Some Ideas

Botanical Garden, Zoo, Swimming Pools, Hiking Trails, Lakes, Beaches; whatever is going to be close enough that afterwards you can still get home that day or night. I lived in Hawaii for a short time, and on the weekends I would Island hop, go to a Beach, Park, Pineapple Grove, go crabbing, or ocen kayaking. I stayed in Utah as well for a while, I’d go hiking, check out a museum, drive through some of the mountains, go to lakes Drive to see whatever. I lived in Pennsylvania I went to caverns, hiking, canoeing, horseriding. It really doesn’t matter where you live there is someting to see or do. Be as adventurious as you can and enjoy what is out there. So many things to do and see that people never check them out and really do not know what is out side of their cell phone or IPad.  you do not have to limit this to the day either. You can go star searching, ufo hunting, ghost hunting, geo search, the ideas are plenty. Have a little picnic basket and take a friend or two if you want and have a little horderves and wine or fresh drinks. Here’s an idea when was the last time you played miniture golf, had an icecream cone, sat out side of a coffee shop and people watch? Just doo not do something that you would do all of the time break the normal flow of things, and enjoy yourself and the people your with. You just have to get up go and do it quit being a couch potato.

Travel Cheap

When you do a day travel your really looking to just get out of the daily rutine of same old thing. You are going to have fun enjoy whats around you. Take a partner, friends, spouse, or your pet. Pack a cooler, filled with water make a few sandwiches or take your favorite snackbars. This way your not spending a lot of money and hurting your pocket while enjoying the day. Take a small backpack or carrying case with you that would have a change of clothes or maybe some different shoes you just never know where your adventure will lead you. Plus if you do get carried away and travel a little further or stay a little longer you can get a cheap hotel if really needed. Day travel you should set your self a budget and keep that solid do not think $50.00 is bad, but don’t go over $300.00 remeber you do work to reach your goals, and this is not a major vacation.


We all work hard, and some of us harder; so when you do take a day travel make it worth your while, and do it for fun, cheap as you can to enjoy. Always be safe know your surroundings or at least travel with a friend or two. there are many things to do close to home than most people think and you really need to broaden you rhorizons and venture out. This is good for the soul, as well as reaching any goals you have set for your self in life. This will wake you upto a whole new meaning and mind set for your goals altogether.