Party Appetizers


Well we all like to have fun invite people over just plain out entertain. The word entertain is simple yet complicated. Yes entertain has a couple of meanings. They are pure enjoyment, amusement, and the other is attention, or consideration. Although the same very different, but I’m talking about combining them. Yeah! on my site I have mentioned about throwing parties. I did mention food but didn’t get to far into it, and I focused on the gathering sort of speak. Oaky; now you have a group together, your having fun, and what about the snacks, horderves. This is what we are going to focus on now.
This once again does depend on theme and what you are trying to achieve. Lets just say it was a wine and cheese social. Sure some different types of cheese, maybe some grapes, crackers of some sort. Birthday party cake, ice cream, pizza, some chips and dip. Football season is in you have the guys over for some pizza, chips, peanuts, pretzels quick easy. Once again these are some good ideas, but lets get a little deeper. These are pretty easy and very simple we all have done it and yes it is still fun. Lets get creative, and think out side of the box a little. It still can be simple and budget friendly, or again it can be as elaborate as you want it.


Horderves or Appetizers

People always wonder what to do for a party that they have created and sometimes that is harder than the theme or music genre. Let’s just come up with a few ideas that are quick, and simple. These are things you can have pretty much any time or at any party nothing heavy nor extensive. Now these are only ideas no set ways just be creative, and remember you may want to do this again, and you want your guests to talk about the party.
First start off with a sandwich wrap. Take your favorite deli sandwich and put it in a wrap and then cut in a bout an inch or inch and a half thick. In most cases you can get about 5-6 pieces out of one wrap depending on size of wrap. Arrange on a tray in different matters, a piece of lettuce or some garnish under the slices or around them. You have a party tray.
6 pkg spinach tortilla wrap
6 pkg tomato tortilla wrap
1/2 pound jalapeno turkey thinly sliced
1/2 pound roast beef thinly sliced
1/2 pound venison summer sausage thinly sliced


2 large flour tortillas
4 tablespoons mayonnaise
12 thin slices provolone cheese
12 thin slices deli turkey
3 tablespoons bacon (cooked and crumbled)

Second you can take a Ritz cracker or wheat thin get some cheese, cheese spreads, chicken salad, egg salad, seafood salad added to the top of cracker. Now you can also add a topping with this make it a small piece of ham, turkey, chicken breast, and or peperoni piece. You can even go a little fancy with maybe a sliced olive, or grape half on top; whatever would complements your original selection.
Third Choice meat platters or fun to different selection of sliced meats to choose from usually three to four meats. Have your bread choices and toppings on different trays. Have your condiments last. If your going to have sides after that like maybe some chips or salads depending with your selection and always try to complement the protein if that is what you choose.
Fourth choice is juat some peanuts, pretzels, chips, or veggies. Remember the dips, sauces or seasonings you can add or use. These can be arranged on a tray with dividers, separate bowls, platters, original bags or boxes if you choose this.


Party Favors

The idea here is for you to really be different. I mean look It’s your party and you really did work hard to invite people, and not quite everyone we invited always shows up. Yes you got their RSVP back, but it’s life and things happen at the last minute. This is the place as well to really put an extra kick in the already fantastic time everyone is having. Have orientated bowls, platters, silverware, plasticware, cups or mugs or glasses. You can get pretty creative with these as well.
If its a football theme have helmet trays to hold you snacks, get napkins that reflect the favorite team; or even involve that one friend that is on the opposing team. Wine and cheese socials you ca get flute glasses , cute little glass markers, some may go around the stem others hang on the side of the glass rim. Birthday cups, plates utensils with date or the persons birth name. Bachelor, bachelorette’s name or wedding date, or if your going to give the grooms men, brides maids the titles on glasses or mugs. Now when doing that let them use these at the party they will cherish that. You can even write the guests name on the side of the glass. They have really interesting glasses that have multi colored lights, solid color lights, glow in the dark or black light options; depending on what kind and how much you want to do or spend.

Team Snack bowls







Thinking Out Of The Box

More and more people are starting to have fun with these ideas and people are liking it. Some if not all of these party favors maybe taking home by the guests, but no matter on which way it goes you will have success. You can even buy a couple extra little favors and raffle them off as door prizes and half way through the night. It would be nice and it’s rewarding to the guests, and it makes the party a little more fun. by doing this you may end up with more left be hind then taken. Your favors could even be a bottle of wine, team snack bowl, fan mug, cheese wheel; or some gift cards it really depends on you. Once again if you are looking to be a party thrower then make it fun for all. Life is short no matter how you look at it make it exciting. Be creative I can not stress this more than anything else this is not just a house party it’s an invitation to fun, enjoyment, entertainment; so make it worth you and your guests while. We all work hard and live in a very mundane world. Please always drink responsible, be safe make proper arrangements if necessary for those who can’t. Uber, Lyft, an extra room shows that you do you care for them and their safety. Being responsible is on you. I have a few links below and through out the page that will get you to some of the party favors and where to get them. I’ve done the research so you do not have to check out the sites. Please leave your comments below let me know how I’m doing or if you have any questions.

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