Party Fun – Themes, Food, Fun

We all work hard and really have forgotten to take time for our selves let alone each other.  Yes I did say each other, and that could mean our better halves, partners, as well as friends.  When we were growing up it was the tradition to hang out with people, or hooking up what ever you called it. We had time when we were younger no real responsibilities, but as an adult we have work, kids, and bills it’s tuff to do. How as an adult do we do it now? Great question how? What to do, what to eat or not, where do we do this? Well that’s how it starts. Without further ado let’s get started and have fun.


Party, Fun, Entertainment ?

What is a party,  A formally constituted political group; no wrong party. It is a noun, and it does involve an invited group of people, and typically includes drinks, food, and some sort of entertainment. What is fun, and entertainment? The word fun can either be a noun, adjective, or verb it means; enjoyment, amusement or being amused, light hearted pleasure of some sort. The word entertainment is a noun and it is actually an action providing a guest or guests with a theme, food and drinks. This is what we need to do id have some fun in our lives today. Parties were created to forget the mess outside and enjoy a particular time with some friends; or make some new friends and acquaintances. Alright we got that far; so how do we go about the theme, what do we eat, better yet what kind of drinks to serve, and where do we do this? Good questions. Let’s start of with themes, and how to pick them.


Alright so you want to have some fun and throw a party. Well it’s not your birthday and it’s not a holiday. Where, do we start how to get people involved who to invite. How many people to invite? Alright so get creative, and think outside the box. Also, what do you want out of the party? real cheese and wine social, a Small break the ice thing, a nice little up beat dance thing, or are we talking about a wild get smashed outside flea flicker? Are people going home or did you want to have room for people to stay just in case it was that one person who well just had too much fun?

I would say investigate what sounds interesting, and then involve your spouse or partner or friends ask around. Some good ideas out there are Masquerades, Zoot Suits, 1980s, or whatever era you are looking for just get creative. I would remember a few things like room size and where you’re having this, as to how many people and how bi or small you want it to be.

Masquerades are fun and mysterious in ways, and can be a lot of fun. It can be simple to complex, and a lot of times that depends on not just you’re invite the people can get pretty elaborate with this one. Masks are always leading to mysteries and a good ice breaker as well as interesting to the other guests. These typically have a ballroom type of affect a little more classical or can actually be pretty catty; it just depends on which way you swing. I have found a few different places to acquire these masks as well. You personally might want to have a few extra with you just in case a guests mask doesn’t last the night or has a wardrobe misshaping.


Zoot Suits Ah now that is fun as well. The suits are interesting and fun for both the ladies and guys. The ladies can wear them as well or dress in a fancy dress. These are usually an up beat type of party nice to see and really a conversation piece for later and probably involves a lot of photo’s. More than anything else it is a real stress reliever in many ways. You will love to show of your style and character this is the way to go. It’s classy, sexy, and just a lot of fun. You can also go pretty elaborate or cheap it does not matter you will still look good, and have so much fun. Some of the suits and dresses are either pretty plain, or bright in color and style. You will not regret this event by far it might just put you on the top shelf with your friends.


Cheese and wine socials. These are really nice to have as an ice breaker or just a fundraiser. They can be simple or extravagant depending on you’re budget and desire. They can also be an opening to many other adult activities, and really can be a lot of fun. You see these some times are used for openings for art galleries as well as upscale formal groups. It really depends on what you’re looking for and what kind of mood you want to set.

I mentioned some to give you an idea, and I’m not trying to leave out any of the other idea like. Pool parties, Hot Tub, Dance, Club, and many lifestyle organizational parties which are all fun and can lead to many stress leaving adventures as well. You just need to consider the money, room, and place, accommodations if need to be, and please if it’s the house remember your neighbors we want to have fun not incidents.

Check out these links below for your Masquerade masks or Zoot Suits costumes:

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Food – Drinks?

Alright so we got the Theme, and now what to serve? Really this does depend on the theme as well as what you’re trying to achieve. Each theme I would say would carry a different venue so still be creative, but remember what, Where, and who’s coming. Food and Drink can set the mood as well as enhance theme. Food, and Drinks are really determined on what theme you go for. Just remember this. Lots of dancing, not real heavy on either the food or drink.

Depending on how formal you go to what mood you are trying to set this determines the food or drink. We are adults and sometimes we get carried away rich or poor we all do it, or have done it at one time. The place is important too you do not want red wine spilled all over you’re white rug. Location is just as important no glass in pools I would not like to dive into that. These are things you need to be aware of. How heavy or lite the food or drink also accommodates the theme. So if you’re looking for a good mixer go with finger foods and something lite, this will maximize the fun and enlighten the fun without people regressing their food or drink all over the people or place.


Fun –  Entertainment – Games?

Now we know what we are doing and serving how to keep it interesting? you could pin the tail on a donkey or play naked twister. Seriously this is according to what theme food or drink you pick. I mean it doesn’t matter if you play pin the tail on the donkey what you eat or drink, but naked twister let’s just ponder that for a moment. Really think about what you are going to do who’s going to be there too. Grandma is going to enjoy pining a tail on a donkey or sitting and popping a balloon, but naked twister although she might have fun is that what you want to remember? this is a creative thing as well think outside of the box have fun with it. Maybe are the masquerade dim the lights and have the ladies change there masks as well as the guys then make them line up differently for a dance, Zoot suits have everyone dance down the middle single file and watch the crazy moves. Have the best costume, mask, the best tasting wine or cheese contests. Give out little coupons and give away a door prize or two. Just be imaginative and think out of the box run with the themes decorate accordingly, and try to make everything flow and people will talk about you’re party.

Party On

The idea of this is to enjoy life and for that moment forget about the hassle of what the world stands for today. We are all seriously equal we just need a break to remember that. Parties are to get out of the normal grind sort of speak to relax and enjoy. Make it safe and fun for everyone. If you do plan to take pictures, and put it on different site or media let the invitee’s know a head of time you certainly do not want someone seeing things that do not need to be seen, hurting anyone’s feelings; better yet getting sued. Having a party is not as hard as you think, it is really easy and a lot of fun. Be creative be kind remember who, what, and where and enjoy. I will be posting different venues as what kinds of foods, drinks, costume, and other creative simple but mind blowing ideas to use on my site.  I have also done some research and I have some links that will be found at the top, and bottom of my post. Look for all of my fun things to do on here as well as stuff on this site. Have fun be adventurous as you can, and yet be curious, respect others as well.