Traveling Outside Your Comfort Zone

We as travelers or explores already visit what we want not what is different. Meaning we go where we are comfortable. Think about it most people do not go somewhere a friend or relative or partner has not taking them or suggested somehow. Now I’m not ever suggesting to go alone or without some sort of investigation, but I am saying  quit doing the same thing just different location. Do things out side of the box; for instance if you cant swim, snorkel, dive, canoe, kayak explore. Afraid of heights go ziplining, hike a with a view overlooking some mountain, go ballooning, or parasailing. Try things that will be extreme for your liking, but safe enough to have an adventure that will make for a memorable experience.

Daring Adventures

So let’s say we are looking for fun and we have already done all of the same things try something different. I have a friend who is afraid of Heights can’t even look over a mountain side while in a car driving down the road.  I decided to take her on a trip we went to an area a few hours form the house that was amusement themed for all to enjoy. Went to see a bird habitat that was located in the mountains. She didn’t even know she was up on the mountain side because of the tranquility and beauty of the setting and the exotic birds. Truthfully it was wonderful and probably the best time she’s had in a while, and it was simple, cheap, fulfilling adventure. afterwards we went and had a nice lunch and went for a extremely large fairis wheel ride. It was interesting because I figured I would have to succumb her with alcohol, but it was closed in and she enjoyed every bit of it with wide open eyes. Astonishing she moved around and was checking out the scenery even when we stopped on the very top to let riders on and off on the bottom. She still talks about it and I have even heard her say it was the best time she has had.

I on the other hand do not swim I can, butt like a rock I mean I can in order to save someone or my self. I would preferer being in a boat though. On my adventures I have been known to explore the oceans, and natural springs through Snorkeling reefs off the Florida keys. I seen the reefs come alive with so many fish and creatures, and yes I did see a shark and a few jellyfish. I would have never seen these if I didn’t adventure outside of my comfort zone. Swimming in the ocean in Puerto Ricco, and walking the beaches was so much fun. I ventured out to a place called Gilligan’s Island seen beautiful star fish, coral fish that just blew my mind. We snorkeled around the trees and water ways of this island just such beauty. I went kayaking, and snorkeling in the waters surrounding Hawaii. Now this is fun because you can and some have walked out from the beach over to a little island called china man’s hat. Yeah that is interesting in some spots waist high, and you can only do this when tide is out. Yes you need to plan you never know what might take place or who you run into. Many times having fun you run into some exciting people, and that can lead into quite another adventure so be safe as well.